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New and upcoming...The 14'er series


Yup. We're going there.

You guys!!!. I have some seriously exciting news!!!. Boulder Mountain Boards is coming!. Electric Mountain Boards , and Longboards, A local Deck manufacturer and custom electric all terrain mountain board maker. The newest brain child out of Boulder Colorado!. And finally!! A local e board servicer! The word is out. BMB is Coming!


Why choose BMB

Handmade  Longboard, and Mountainboard Decks in Boulder Colorado,

Handmade liion battery packs  made in Boulder,

Custom 2.4Ghz Wireless remote,  We Build High quality high torque, ridiculous range, bad...ass electric Mountain Boards. We offer Cruiser Decks,  Cambered Mountain board decks, and Freeride flat deck styles. All enclosures are made in house for batterys and electrical components.  Backrounds in Lutherie, Moulding millwright, CAD software modeling, 3d printing, Cnc machine, laser engraving, composite infusion methodology, LI Ion Battery welding and assembly, and of course the ever venerable Benjamin Vedder with his beautiful open source work on VESC. Wich without none of us would be riding!😉👍. Thanks Benjamin!


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